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SD5 with SD-Rack 56/32, 4x AES, Optocore


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Limited warranty
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SD-Rack 56/32, 


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DiGiCo’s SD5 with Stealth Digital Processing is packed with advanced features that have been throughout the DiGiCo range of SD digital consoles. Sitting comfortably above the SD10 and below the SD7, the SD5 is a perfect addition to our growing range of digital mixers. As standard the SD5 is fitted with a 2GB fiber optic network and can run up to 448 channels of I/O at 96KHz across up to 14 SD Series racks with the addition of 56 console-to-console tie lines. Three redundant MADI ports complete the lineup. And it’s even quieter. No more fans on power supplies, instead we have replaced them with large heat sinks making the SD5 one of the quietest consoles we have ever made. Three large touch sensitive display screens dominate the console, providing fast and easy access to all of the SD5’s functions. The center section of the desk has been redesigned — the screen now sits recessed, bringing it, and access to the macro, snapshot, headphone and talkback controls nearer the operator. The large TFT screens coupled with familiar Hidden till Lit (HTL) rotary controllers and Quick Access Function Buttons allow either seasoned users or those new to DiGiCo consoles the ability to run the desk confidently and easily in a very short space of time.


The latest model with enhanced visibility and operability

  • Three screens of 15 inches high visibility with high visibility. Easy to grasp the channel and the whole system, less layer operation, so you can operate without waste.
  • The two-meter bridges can display signal levels such as mono, stereo, LCR, 5.1 ch as well as each input / output channel.
  • Focus on the central part of frequently accessed macro keys and snapshots. Operation at close range from the mix position is realized.
  • Establish smooth operability with overwhelming processing capacity by "stealth digital processing". Operation by multiple operators is also possible, and it is possible to correspond to a complicated system.

High performance to support sampling rate 192 kHz

  • It is able to cope with the high-resolution sampling rate of 192 kHz and realizes high-dimensional recording. (Operation up to 96 kHz)

Easy construction of redundant system

  • Two hot-swappable power supplies are installed, and it is possible to respond instantly to any troubles.
  • When MADI is used at 48 kHz, three terminals function as redundant. Building a network with Optical preserves the signal flow of the entire system even if trouble such as disconnection of a cable or disconnection of a terminal occurs at one place in the network.

Silent design

  • Two PSUs adopt a heat dissipation method by heat sink and realize further quietness. It is possible to install it near the auditorium.

Beauty Surprising Surface

  • Channels can be clearly identified by the LEDs arranged around the encoder. Maintaining outstanding visibility even under sunlight outdoors, full-color surfaces shining in dark places are extremely beautiful.

Remote control application software for iPad SD App available

  • Wirelessly control SD Series. Remote control is possible while listening to the actual sound at the stage or audience seats. 

SD5 Data

Number of faders


Number of subfaders


Input channel

Up to 253 channels


Up to 128


2 (Select from mono / stereo / surround)


Up to 24 × 24

Control group

Selection formula (VCA, moving fader, mute group) × 36


32 band GEQ (± 12 dB) × 32

Built-in effector

Stereo effector x 48

Local I / O

Microphone / line input


Line output


AES / EBU input / output (* 1)


MADI interface

3 (Including 75 Ω BNC connector × 12 redundant)

Optical interface


MIDI interface

In / Out / Thru

External display port

DB - 15 mini - female (resolution 1024 x 768) x 1

External synchronization

Word clock, MADI, AES, Optocore, Video

USB 2.0 port



Normally 16 lines (expandable to 32 lines)


Normally 16 lines (expandable to 32 lines)

Headphone output

Standard phone jack × 2, impedance: 8 to 600 Ω

Light terminal


Acoustic characteristics

Sample rate

96/48 kHz


1 ms (typical value: channel input LR bus stage output @ 96 kHz)

Internal processing

Up to 40 bit floating point calculation

AD / DA conversion

24 bit

Frequency characteristic

20 Hz to 20 kHz (± 0.6 dB)


0.05% or less (rated gain, 10 dB input @ 1 kHz)


90 dB or more (40 Hz to 15 kHz)

Residual noise

-90 dBu or less (typical value: 20 Hz to 20 kHz)

Mic equivalent input noise

-126 dB or more

Maximum output level

+ 22 dBu (standard specification)

Maximum input level

+ 22 dBu (standard specification)

Input channel / AUX / group / matrix

Analog gain (input channel only)

-20 dB to +60 dB

Digital trim

-40 dB to +40 dB


Up to 1.3 seconds

Low Pass / High Pass Filter

20 Hz to 20 kHz, 24 dB / oct


2 lines (EQ / dynamics pre / post)


Parametric / dynamic (high & low band shelving / bell changeable) 
* Dynamic EQ can be assigned up to 253 ch


Compressor, gate, deesser, Ducker

Solo bus - Input channel only

Sorobus 1 / Sorobus 2 / Both, Auto Solo

Power supply, power consumption, size (W x H x D), mass

Power supply

Internal power supply x 2 (AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz)

power consumption

Peak time

560 W

At startup

750 W

Dimensions (W × H × D), mass

1465 × 458 × 838 mm, 116 kg


Product Videos

DiGiCo SD10 Movie 10:57

  • DiGiCo SD10 Movie
  • Mezcla en vivo...
    Todas las mezclas son en vivo con auriculares en una duración ...

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SHS Global,,, and offers a 48 hour period, upon receipt, to inspect items for incorrect shipments or defective items. If an item is found to be defective, please contact SHS Global to resolve to issue as soon as possible. If, during the 48 hour period, an item is found to be defective, SHS Global will offer to ship items for product repair.

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Limited warranty
Sales Questions?:

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