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Meyer Sound 700-HP Active Subwoofer


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North America & Europe
Limited warranty
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Meyer’s 700-HP has almost twice the performance power of the popular Meyer Sound 650-P subwoofer, and the 700-HP subwoofer has become a standard across the industry. The 700iHP delivers a high and sustained level of work with extremely high impulse response and minimal distortion over its entire working range. The operating frequency range of 25 Hz to 150 Hz complements other Meyer Sound loudspeakers in both straight and curved arrays for sound applications that require the greatest possible headroom at low frequencies.

The active 700-HP consists of two Meyer Sound ferrofluid-cooled 18-inch long-stroke drivers, each with a 4-inch voice coil with a compact neodymium magnet structure, in a specially adapted, ventilated housing. An integrated dual-channel Class AB / H amplifier with complementary MOSFET power amps delivers a maximum output of 2250 watts (1125 watts per channel).

The active 700-HP achieves a maximum output of 139 dB SPL within its working frequency range at 1 meter. The amplifier, control electronics and power supply are integrated in a separate interchangeable module, which is attached to the back of the box.

The 700-HP's efficiently tuned cabinet houses two Meyer Sound-designed and -manufactured back-vented, long-excursion, 18-inch cone drivers. Each driver has a 4-inch voice coil and is rated to handle 1200 AES watts. The drivers have also been engineered for extreme efficiency, using high-gauss neodymium magnets for the most powerful magnetic field strength. High magnetic field strength increases the driver's sensitivity, which yields greater output, while keeping heat dissipation requirements within operational tolerances.

An integral two-channel class AB/H amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages supplies total peak power of 2250 watts (1125 watts per channel). With twice the amplifier power of the 650-P subwoofer, the 700-HP produces an average of 3 dB more overall SPL, with enormous headroom to accommodate the most extreme demands with ease. Recent tests conducted by Meyer Sound show the 700-HP producing significantly higher output than other "high-power" subwoofers.

The amplifier, control electronics and power supply are integrated into a single, field-replaceable module mounted in the rear of the cabinet. The cabinet is constructed of multi-ply hardwood and coated with a textured black finish. Integral metal grills lined with acoustical black mesh protect the cone drivers. Designed mainly for stage or ground placement, the stackable 700-HP includes plastic skids on the bottom of the unit, preventing damage to the enclosure or the unit below. The skids align with slots on the cabinet's upper surfaces ensuring secure, aligned stacking. For maximum convenience in touring situations, the 700-HP can even travel in stacks on the MCF-700 caster frame.


  •  Stackable
  • Flyable using optional rigging kit
  • Extremely low distortion for ultimate low-frequency clarity
  • Very high peak power yields excellent transient reproduction
  • Transportable in blocks using optional heavy-duty caster frame
  • Exceptionally reliable and durable

700-HP Data


Operating Frequency Range


28 Hz – 150 Hz 

Frequency Response


0 Hz – 125 Hz &plusm;4 dB

Phase Response


45 Hz – 145 Hz &plusm;30°

Maximum Peak SPL


139 dB

Dynamic Range


> 110 dB




360° (single unit); varies with number of units and configuration


Low/Low-Mid Frequency


Two 18″ cone drivers

Nominal impedance 4 Ω


Voice coil size 4"
Power-handling capability 1200 W (AES)4




Differential, electronically balanced

Max. Common Mode Range


+/- 5V DC



Female XLR input with male XLR loop output or VEAM all-in-one (integrates AC, audio and network)

Input Impedance


10 differential between pins 2 and 3



Pin 1 Chassis/earth through 220 kO, 1000 pF, 15 V clamp network to provide virtual ground lift at audio frequencies
Pin 2 Signal (+)
Pin 3 Signal (-)

DC Blocking


Differential DC Blocking up to the maximum common mode voltage.



> 50 dB, typically 80 dB (50 Hz - 500 Hz)

RF Filter


Common Mode 425 kHz
Differential Mode 142 kHz

TIM Filter


Integral to signal processing (<80 kHz)

Nominal Input Sensitivity


0 dB V (1 V rms, 1.4 V pk) continuous is typically the onset of limiting for noise and music.

Input Level


Audio source must be capable of producing +20 dBV (10 V rms, 14 V pk) into 600 Ohm in order to produce maximum peak SPL over the operating bandwidth of the loudspeaker


Amplifier Type


Two-channel complementary power MOSFET output stages (class AB/H)

Output Power


2250 W (1125 W/channel)5




Load Capacity


4 Ω each channel



Forced air cooling, two fans (one ultrahigh-speed reserve fan)


AC Connector


250 VAC NEMA L6-20 (twist lock), IEC 309 male inlet, or VEAM

Voltage Selection


Automatic, two ranges, each with high-low voltage tap

Safety Agency Related Voltage


95 VAC – 125 VAC, 208 VAC – 235 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Turn On/Off Points


85 VAC – 134 VAC; 165 VAC – 264 VAC; 50/60 Hz



Idle Current


0.640 A rms at 115 VAC; 0.320 A rms at 230 VAC; 0.850 A rms at 100 VAC

Max. Long Term Cont (>10 sec)


8.8 A rms at 115 VAC; 4 A rms at 230 VAC; 10 A rms at 100 VAC

Burst Current (<1 sec)


19 A rms at 115 VAC; 9.5 A rms at 230 VAC; 22 A rms at 100 VAC

Ultimate Short Term Peak


39 A pk at 115 VAC; 20 A pk at 230 VAC; 45 A pk at 100 VAC 

Inrush Current


7 A pk at 115 VAC; 7 A pk at 230 VAC; 10 A pk at 100 VAC



Equipped with two-conductor twisted-pair network, reporting all operating parameters of amplifiers to system operator’s host computer.




45.93″”W x 22.50″”H x 30.00″”D (1167 x 572 x 762 mm)



204 lbs (92.53 kg)



Multi-ply hardwood



Black textured

Protective Grill


Perforated metal grille lined with acoustical black mesh

Quick Fly Rigging


Optional QuickFly® rigging kit available, with aluminum and steel side rigging bars, AlignaLinks and quick release pins


700-HP Schematic


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Other Details

North America & Europe
Limited warranty
Sales Questions?:

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