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Claypaky Packs a Punch for Davido at London’s O2 Arena

Nigerian music star Davido wowed 20,000 adoring fans with his epic production at London’s O2 Arena, lit by show designer Anthony Hazelden using Claypaky’s Mythos and A.leda B-EYE K10 fixtures.

Briefed with creating a production on the same scale as a Nicki Minaj or Drake concert, Hazelden took to WYSIWYG to plan a show for the artist, which included a catwalk and a flying stage. “I knew Davido wanted the production to be enormous,” Hazelden says. “As soon as I understood his vision, I began to draw out the rig to make it work for the different areas of stage.”

The set heavily featured video content displayed on a 10m x 4.8m video wall. “The Mythos were the main fixture over the stage,” explains Hazelden. “I needed a bright fixture that could punch through the video wall. I used Mythos’ gobos to create a number of different looks, and for each the light was still visible against the video running at 100%.” The Mythos is equipped with two gobo wheels as standard, including six beam reducers.

“The fixture is fantastic as both a beam fixture and as a spot,” says Hazelden who made the most of the Mythos’ 4-50˚ zoom range for various looks throughout the show. “The PAN/TILT capabilities are great, and it doesn’t struggle when I needed them to move at full speed.”

The 24 x A.leda B-EYE K10s were rigged on the truss at front of house and were used as crowd and effects lights during the supporting acts. Throughout Davido’s performance, they were employed as the main stage wash light. “The colours are accurate and it’s a very bright fixture given the small size of the unit.”

The versatility of the B-EYE K10 comes from its 4-60˚ electronic zoom range, as well as offering 19 individual zones of control to create spectacular aerial effects. “During Davido’s performance, the B-EYEs were zoomed out so that I could light the band and dancers across the whole stage.”

“I use Claypaky fixtures because they’re so reliable. We never have any problems sourcing large quantities of units either,” concludes Hazelden.

Working alongside Hazelden on the production that Davido hailed on social media as ‘the best day of his life’ were lighting techs Alan Foxall, Luke Welch, Andi Lycett, Jordan Whyment, and James Smith, head video tech Steve Wright, stage manager John Mann, production manager Anthony Tang, and Vannessa Armadi from the artist’s management.

The Claypaky fixtures were supplied to Hazelden and his team by Ian Livie Concert & Corporate Lighting.

FRED FOSTER (1957-2019) In Memoriam

An enlightened entrepreneur who made the history of our Industry has passed away leaving an enormous feeling of emptiness deep inside us all.
Everyone respected and admired Fred. His great energy and positivity crossed the borders of the United States and won everyone over. We at Claypaky and ADB have also always admired Fred for his insights and initiatives, and above all for his unique ability to create a strong supportive team around him, which has always remained faithful to him. We will always remember him with respect and sympathy.

Picture: Fred Foster, Knight of Illumination 2015, Lifetime Achievement Award

ClayPaky and ADB support Behind the Scene

Claypaky, ADB and Art Centric Lighting presents their advanced new products at ISE 2019

After the success Claypaky and ADB had at the 2018 edition, the two manufacturers will be present at ISE 2019 with new products, not to mention the Art Centric Lighting brand entirely devoted to the museum world. Claypaky's first-hand presence at this important event after taking over ADB and introducing the Art Centric Lighting range is an important sign of our intention to expand our horizons in the System Integration field.

Perfect interoperability between the various differently branded lights means we can offer a complete range and ensure a high level of reliability, performance and service. Claypaky, ADB and the newcomer Art Centric Lighting cover the show lighting market completely from live concerts, TV studios and opera houses, right up to the latest museum installations. The three successful brands pursue technological innovation under the aegis of the OSRAM group, and provide system integrators with top quality solutions.

Among our various new products, the main ones include the Claypaky arc-lamp based SHARPY PLUS and the AXCOR LED family: PROFILE 600, PROFILE 400, SPOT 400. ADB Stagelight will introduces the advanced and innovative OCEAN Lighting Console, the ORKIS new LED color Fresnel, the various models of OKSALIS and KLEMANTIS, the ADB’s LEXPERT FRESNEL and LEXPERT PROFILE and the ART CENTRIC LIGHTING, an assortment of units designed specifically to illuminate works of art in the most effective ways.



5-8 FEBRUARY 2019

RAI Amsterdam

Stand 7-Z180

Claypaky Scenius Unico and Mythos 2 Light Up Pink’s Beautiful Trauma World Tour

Pink continues her Beautiful Trauma World Tour with Claypaky Scenius Unico and Mythos 2 fixtures shining a light on the American singer’s extraordinary talents. The Beautiful Trauma World Tour is Pink’s seventh concert tour and supports her eponymous seventh studio album.  The tour began in Phoenix in March 2018 and is scheduled to conclude in Rio in October 2019.  Pink’s critically acclaimed show includes the now expected mix of singing, interpretive dancing and high-flying aerials. It was called “the tour to beat in 2018,” a show that no other pop star came close to attempting.

“As with all Pink shows the lighting design needs to be versatile,” says Baz Halpin of Burbank’s silentHOUSE who is the Lighting Designer/Production Designer and Director of the show.

“Pink is equal parts rock show, theater show and aerial cirque show. With so many facets to the treatment of each of the songs the lighting design and the fixtures chosen need to have enough flexibility to fulfill the needs of each discipline without sacrificing the qualities required.The fixtures needs to have enough punch and response for the highly-cued rock sections.For the theatrical/dance sections the need for quality of subtle colors and even fields are more important, while for the aerial numbers the need for the fixtures to create a sufficient light level without ever blinding or dazzling is paramount.”

Halpin obtained 93 Scenius Unicos and 118 Mythos 2 for the tour from SOLOTECH.  “Since late 2017 we have been enamored with the Scenious range,” he explains. “The Unico, as a well rounded multi-purpose fixture, I believe it is unmatched.  As a key light, a long-distance fixture and a powerful beam-based aerial fixture, the Unico in particular delivers at the highest level on all the demands I have place on it.  The Mythos 2 is another fixture that we rely heavily on.  As a universal small but powerful beam fixture it slots nicely into that category.”

Halpin has mounted the Mythos 2 on automated trusses and pods over the stage.  “These are primarily used as aerial beam fixtures for musical dynamics and creating graphic ‘pictures’,” he says. “The Unicos are used for the majority of other needs: key and side lighting of performers, lighting and modeling of scenery and lighting of the aerial performers. The key factors that the Claypaky fixtures afford us are brightness, reliability, versatility and quality.”

According to Associate Lighting Designer Eric Marchwinski, “the toolset of the Unico provides exactly what we need for our application without overcomplicating the feature set.  The simplicity of the fixture design helps streamline the programming, and the versatility allows for a more unified look no matter the placement in the rig. Additionally, the Scenius line has always had the fastest optical train – zoom, iris, shutters – we have ever seen in a profile or spot unit. This opens the door for a lot of interesting musical programming opportunities outside of the typical or more common effects.”

Halpin notes that, “given the power of the fixtures we don’t make changes from Pink’s arena shows to stadiums. For the most part, the fixtures perform just as well in outdoor environments. Under the fantastic watch of Dean Roney and the team from SOLOTECH, the fixtures have been holding up very well. The care and attention that the lighting crew take in their work is exemplary and greatly appreciated.” Malcolm Weldon is the Production Manager for the tour.

Francesco Romagnoli, Claypaky Area Manager for North and Latin America, added, “We are huge fans of Baz Halpin and are so proud that he is having such success with our fixtures on this show!”. A.C.T Lighting, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Claypaky lighting in North America.

Showtec Singapore Invests in Claypaky’s Latest Fixtures

Singapore –
Lighting solutions expert Showtec has made a major investment in Claypaky Scenius Unico and Mythos 2 fixtures to serve its extensive South East Asia markets.

The company, which provides industry-leading lighting to entertainment, corporate and exhibition events, now has 100 Scenius Unico and 50 Mythos 2 in stock. It is based in its Singapore HQ and has regional offices in Malaysia, China, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand.

Showtec’s Director of Sales, Vincent Tan, says: “We are always looking to invest in the most innovative products on the market and Claypaky is ahead of the curve, producing world-class quality fixtures with distinctive features that are exciting for our market.

“The South East Asia live entertainment and events scene is growing rapidly and there is a hunger for the latest technology to achieve stunning and dynamic effects. That’s why we invested in so many Scenius Unico and Mythos 2 fixtures.

“The Scenius Unico is a fantastic multifunctional light – the fact that it can be used as both an excellent wash and a powerful spotlight makes it perfect for so many applications and therefore a wide range of clients.”

Both the Mythos 2 and Scenius Unico have a large electronic zoom range, 4-50˚ on the Mythos 2 and 5-55˚ on the Scenius Unico. In addition, the Mythos2 also has a fixed ‘pipe beam’ mode of 2.5˚. Both fixtures feature cutting-edge CMY colour systems. The Mythos 2 offers 14 colour filters on three wheels alongside two CTO filters, while the Scenius Unico has a wheel with seven colour filters, and linear CTO.

“We work closely with many lighting designers and we listen to what they want in terms of new kit,” Tan continues. “We are confident that our Claypaky investment will fulfil their requirements. In fact, a large number of both the Scenius Unico and the Mythos 2 went out almost immediately on [Cantopop superstars] Alan Tam & Sam Hui’s ‘Happy Together Classic Express’ world tour, which kicked off in Singapore.

“We’re excited about seeing them go out on many more large-scale concerts and events in the coming months.”

Claypaky’s Multifunctional Mythos 2 delivers for Nothing But Thieves

World – Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures have accompanied British alternative rock band Nothing But Thieves (NBT) on their extensive tour around Europe and the United States. The band’s long-term lighting designer Steve Bewley specified the Mythos 2 for the fixture’s versatility to help him to deliver a dramatic and dynamic set.

“I’ve used Claypaky on many occasions and I knew the Mythos 2 would be a great fit for the NBT show,” says Bewley. “I needed a multifunctional hybrid light to get as many looks out of the rig as possible. I used them to create bold beam looks, as well as spot and wash looks throughout the show.”

In spotlight mode, the Mythos 2 has a 4-50˚ electronic zoom range, while its advanced colour system consists of a CMY system based on three gradually fading colour wheels, plus 14 colour filters on three wheel­­s and two CTO filters to offer designers both highly saturated washes and dense beams.

The Mythos 2 fixtures were rigged on both flown and floor trusses across the width of the stage, above and below the video screens. “The fixtures held their own against the video screen, and the white colours really punched through,” says Bewley. “I needed fixtures bright enough to work in both the smaller venues and arenas we were touring.”

Bewley works closely with the band during the design process. “They give me a brief, which I base my design on, and we develop it from there. They give me a lot of freedom in what I do. Knowing the music inside and out helps me build a beat-perfect show, which creates the drama fans have come to expect of an NBT show.”

“We rigged the fixtures on straight trusses to create lines of uniform beams,” explains Bewley. These looks were supported by the fixture’s ‘pipe’ effect feature, a fixed 2.5˚ beam. “I used the gobos with the pipe function to further reduce the size of the iris to create laser-like shots of light.”

The Mythos 2 is equipped with two gobo wheels, an animation disc, and an interchangeable variable rotating wheel with 18+1 fixed metal gobos, including six beam reducers. Bewley used both gobo wheels in scroll mode to add texture to the light from the floor fixtures.

LCR supplied the lighting for both the UK and European dates. “Ben Hodgkins and Jake Humphries at LCR and all of their crew did an amazing job. Thank you!” concludes Bewley.

Bewley has an eclectic lighting history, having worked with the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Stormzy, Enter Shikari, London Grammar, Tinie Tempah and 5 Seconds of Summer. In December 2018 he joined the team at multidisciplinary global production company Mandylights, to work alongside head designers and company directors Tom Edwards, Liam Tully and Richard Neville.

Nothing But Thieves released their fifth EP, ‘What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way?’ in October 2018. Their Autumn tour concluded in Dublin on 27th November.

Claypaky's Axcor Profile 600 debuts in Italy in the wings of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

– The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino hosted the return of Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story one hundred years after his birth (from 13 to 22 December). This musical theatre masterpiece is one of the most loved shows still performed today.

The Florentine edition was directed by Federico Bellone and produced by WEC (World Entertainment Company), thanks to an agreement with Music Theatre International (MTI). The book was newly adapted by Franco Travaglio, Jerome Robbins's original choreography was reproduced by Fabrizio Angelini, and the music was provided by the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino orchestra and choir conducted by Maestro Francesco Lanzillotta.

Lighting designer Valerio Tiberi drew inspiration for his work "from the new adaptation and the atmosphere of the Upper West Side of New York in the mid 1950s. For this occasion, I requested and used the new Axcor Profile 600 from the Claypaky Axcor series for the first time in Italy." Two versions are available on the market: one with an extremely bright 500W 6500K white LED source, and the other with a colour temperature of 5600K and CRI of 90.

Axcor Profile 600 lights mean top-ranking performance, with excellent light quality and high luminous efficiency, which may be increased by up to 25% using a boost function. Thanks to these features, they will spread successfully to use in tours and major events.

The enormous stage and scenery recalled the urban jungle of New York, where the Jets and Sharks try to get the upper hand in an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance, until this is broken by the star-crossed romantic love story between Tony and Maria and its tragic epilogue. The performance of the six Profile 900s the theatre is equipped with was integrated with 24 new Axcor Profile 600s arranged both on the ground in the wings, and above the stage on the battens.

Which particular scenes did you illuminate with the light you were looking for?

"I am definitely happy with the overall set-up I was able to give this lighting design, and with the entertaining, romantic choral scenes. However I particularly remember the endings of the First and Second Acts with great satisfaction, since I was able to illuminate them with precisely the light I was looking for.

"The contrast between light and dark prevailed at the tragic end of the First Act thanks to the position of the units, and the angles, but above all thanks to the power of the white light from the Axcor Profile 600s, which proved to be a successful fundamental feature.

The same thing happened in the final scene of the second half - the most intense and dramatic one. This is also marked by the contrast between powerful white lights and long cutting shadows, which accompany the final clash between the actors, the arrival of the police, and the last moments of Tony's life.

The lights were programmed by Emanuele Agliati, who used a Grand Ma 2 console.

The Axcor Profile 600s were provided by Audiolux srl Milan.


West Side Story
Music by Leonard Bernstein
Book by Arthur Laurents and Stephen Sondheim
Based on an idea by Jerome Robbins
Original production directed and choreographed by Jerome Robbins
Première: 19 August 1957, at the National Theatre in Washington.
Dialogues in Italian and songs in the original language.

AUDIOLUX stocks up with 100 Claypaky Axcor Profile 600s

is one of the first Italian rental companies to stock up with a large number of Axcor Profile 600s. Claypaky has recently launched this LED spot profiler on the market and it has been an immediate great success among industry professionals and workers.

The Lodi-based company has purchased 100 standard version Axcor Profile 600 units, in order to add a successful reliable light to their stock for use in the numerous shows and theatrical, musical and television events it is involved in.

Ettore dell'Orti, owner of Audiolux, told us that a lot of thought went into choosing the Axcor Profile 600. He analysed and discussed it with his employees right down to the last detail. "We set up our showroom with all the most competitive models on the medium-high power LED spotlight market. After that, we invited the biggest names in Italian lighting design in the theatre, television and concert businesses to drop in over the course of two weeks, including Marco Filibeck, Aldo Solbiati, Ivan Pierri, Franco Fratus, Valerio Tiberi, Massimo Pascucci, Daniele Savi, Franco Busi, Marco De Nardi, Marco Piva, Steve Gray and many others."

"We did some very in-depth testing with each of these professionals and compared all the models offered by the various manufacturers. In the end, figures in hand, we chose the ones that turned out to provide the best compromise between performance, light quality, reliability and value for money. The Axcor Profile 600s scored very high values in all parameters. They did not really show any weaknesses at all.

The light source the Axcor Profile 600 fits is based on a 500W white LED engine. The wide zoom range from 5.3° to 47.2° (1:9 ratio) means the light can be used in a versatile way in every situation, including those for which a narrow angle is best. Its luminous efficiency is one of the highest recorded among lights in the same power category, and if necessary it can be boosted by about 25% thanks to boost mode. This also makes the Axcor Profile 600 an excellent unit for touring.

The completeness of its colour section, the possibility of using it as a wash light, its great wealth of visual effects, its award-winning, patented Claypaky framing system, implemented with technological devices that enhance its precision and versatility, all make the Axcor Profile 600 an essential benchmark for every modern entertainment use.

Audiolux recently supplied twenty-four of the new Axcor Profile 600s to the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. They were used in the musical West Side Story, produced by Federico Bellone. Valerio Tiberi, the lighting director, told us: "I am very satisfied with the overall performance of the Axcor Profile 600s. The contrast between light and dark prevailed at the end of the First Act thanks to the position of the units, and the angles, but above all thanks to the power of the white light from the Profile 600s, which proved to be a successful fundamental feature."

Other Axcor Profile 600s are currently on tour with Audiolux in Roberto Bolle's extraordinary show. Yet more will soon be supplied to the Teatro alla Scala in Milan to illuminate the 2018/2019 theatre season. Audiolux's flexible organization can satisfy any request, from large prestigious theatrical events and musical tours to small local events.

Ettore dell'Orti, owner of the company, said: "Our idea when we founded Audiolux was to base our company on the wealth of knowledge we had gained in the entertainment sector. We follow television and theatre productions, trade fairs, concerts, conventions and parties, and pay great attention to every stage of design, technical implementation and assistance with specialized technicians and advanced equipment. We work hard, and only make big purchases if we are 100% convinced that we are getting the best product on the market."

Via dell’Elettronica, 2
26839 - Zelo Buon Persico (LO) – ITALY

Nick Whitehouse Selects Claypaky Scenius Unicos for Justin Timberlake’s “Man of the Woods” Tour

Justin Timberlake has launched his “Man of the Woods” tour with Claypaky Scenius Unico fixtures supporting the show as it travels the world.

“Man of the Woods” is Timberlake’s sixth headlining tour; it follows the release of his fifth studio album of the same name. The tour kicked off in Toronto on March 2018 and played dates in North America and Europe during the summer. Then more North American dates scheduled from September 2018 til April 2019.

The show presents Timberlake’s music in several “worlds,” which are themed around the origins of the songs.  The massive, in-the-round set is composed of multiple stages spanning the arena space.  “It’s a very choreographed show because we didn’t want to block any seats.  A lot of work went into making sure that everything can be seen everywhere,” says Nick Whitehouse, Creative Producer and Lighting Designer for the tour and Creative Director at Fireplay.

“Even when the transparent roll-drop screens come down for video projections the audience can see through them for a really cool effect.”

Whitehouse chose 70 Claypaky Scenius Unicos for the main rig.  “This is my first time using Unico.  I was looking for a spot and beam fixture and have had very good experience with Claypaky products before,” he says.  “A lot of vendors are buying Unicos and recommending them, so I decided to give them a try.”

Lighting Director Brian Vaughan
reports that, “the Unicos have been our workhorses.  We use every feature they have. They’re a great wash; a great spot with interesting gobo patterns; they key the band, the dancers and Justin; and they can go down to a Sharpy-type beam.  We even use the shutters to shutter off the edges of the stage for a super-clean look.”

Sixty-eight of the Unicos are in the air while two are positioned on the floor directly behind the stage for entrances and exits.  Thirty-six of the fixtures are dedicated to what Whitehouse describes as “an Instagram moment.”  To open the show a 30x30-foot logo panel surrounded by 36 Unicos descends from the ceiling, tilts and assumes a number of different looks.  “It’s like a massive UFO coming down,” Whitehouse says.  “I’m really pleased with the Unicos.  We get some incredible effects from them.”

Francesco Romagnoli, Claypaky Area Manager for North and Latin America, added, “We love working with Mr. Whitehouse and he and Brian Vaughan have done a great job on this show.”

ACT Lighting
, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Claypaky North America.

Lighting the Stars Lands in Vietnam

Vietnam –
The ‘Lighting the Stars’ series of conferences featuring internationally renowned lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe landed in Ho Chi Minh City in November with the aim of celebrating lighting and discussing its future.

The event, which was organised by Vietnam ProAVL Co. Ltd alongside Claypaky and MA Lighting, presented Woodroffe to an audience keen to hear first-hand about his thirty-year career at the forefront of live music, event, architectural and theatre lighting design.

Indeed, Woodroffe has designed the lighting for a diverse array of big-name projects, from the London Symphony Orchestra to ABBA, from the Rolling Stones feature film Shine A Light to the Vanity Fair Oscars party to Prince Charles’s Highgrove House gardens. His achievements are remarkable.

This latest Lighting the Stars seminar was held at the New Music Center in Ho Chi Minh City. Guests heard Woodroffe discuss both the past and the future of lighting in all its forms - music, dance, live performance, architecture and art.

He went on to share stories about his experiences designing the lighting for the London Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies in 2012, and his work on Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour, which was tragically cancelled after Jackson’s untimely death in 2009. Woodroffe’s design was immortalised in the film of the same name, which focused on preparations for the tour.

The conference excited the audience, who were thrilled to hear about Woodroffe’s life in light and take part in a Q&A session after each section.

In addition to the seminar, guests were invited to experience the latest fixtures from Claypaky. Mirco Segatto from Claypaky hosted a showcase of the Axcor range: the Axcor Profile 600, the Axcor Profile 400 and Axcor Spot 400 and the Axcor 300 Spot, Beam and Wash. Also, some units of the new Sharpy Plus – the successor of the legendary Claypaky Sharpy – were shown on the stage.

“The Lighting the Stars event in Vietnam offered a great opportunity to demo the products of the Axcor range and how together, these multi-feature fixtures provide a complete toolkit to lighting designers,” says Alfonso Zarate Takano, the Claypaky Sales Manager for the APAC area. “At the same time, they present an attractive commercial opportunity for rental operators worldwide, as a finely engineered, versatile equipment choice which meets the requirements of the widest range of productions and applications.

“Our showcase attracted a lot of interest from rental houses from across the South East Asia region.”

Diem Truong from Hanoi-based Claypaky distributor Vietnam ProAVL Co. Ltd supplied the Axcor range to the conference, along with a host of other Claypaky fixtures including the Scenius Spot, Scenius Unico, Mythos 2, Aleda B-EYE K10 and Sharpy Plus.

Claypaky CEO, Pio Nahum, comments: “We are proud to support Patrick Woodroffe as he travels the globe promoting the importance of light and recounting his vast experience at the helm of so many world-class events. Claypaky is thrilled to be an ongoing partner of these Lighting the Stars conferences and are grateful to our regional distributors, such as ProAVL, for their support and brilliant service.”