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Claypaky adds Axcor Profile 600 and 400 to AXCOR LED Series

After the launch of the powerful and successful Axcor Profile 900 LED spot profile, with AXCOR PROFILE 600 and AXCOR PROFILE 400 Claypaky is now presenting two more luminaires featuring the exclusive, award-winning and patended Claypaky beam framing system – one of the most appreciated and required device for professional use. Both these models are available in two versions: with 6500K color temperature and high light output, or - alternatively - with 5600K color temperature and a CRI of around 90.

In the crowded world of medium-high power lights, the AXCOR PROFILE 600 stands out for its excellent combination of high performance, exceptional light quality, and versatility of use. The luminous efficiency is among the highest in this power category, and - if necessary - it can be further increased by about 25% thanks to “boost mode” making AXCOR PROFILE 600 a perfect tool for tours and large events.

A wide zoom range from 5° to 45° (1:9 ratio) means the light can be used in a variety of situations, including those for which a narrow angle is best.

The completeness of its color section, its great wealth of visual effects, its framing system implemented with technological devices that enhance its precision and versatility, the possibility of using it as a wash light, make the Axcor Profile 600 an essential benchmark for all modern entertainment uses.

With the AXCOR PROFILE 400, Claypaky has revolutionized the medium power market, by offering a light which is able to pack all the most advanced lighting, mechanical and electronic features into an extraordinarily compact body: less than 65 cm high!

Among the exceptional features this compact LED light offers are a framing system that works on four focal planes, an effects section with an animation wheel, a complete color system with linear CTO, and a high precision mechanical iris. The Axcor Profile 400 is extremely quiet, and has three operating modes, which can be chosen according to needs: Silent, Standard and Auto.

The AXCOR SERIES stands now as one of the most complete moving head range on the market using a white LED engine, featuring 9 models from 110W to nearly 900W with excellent versatility of use, extremely high manufacturing quality and outstanding performance in every power range.

Claypaky and ADB bring light to "Giudizio Universale. Michelangelo and the Secrets of The Sistine Chapel"

Rome, Italy –
Giudizio Universale: Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel ’ is the immersive, multimedia stage show created by Marco Balich of Balich Worldwide Shows (BWS). For the show’s exquisite lighting Balich worked alongside award-winning designers Rob Halliday and Bruno Poet who selected a range of ADB and Claypaky lighting products.

Now running at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome the show and features live theatrical performances, dance and aerial acrobatics. Vivid, 270° high-resolution projections of Michelangelo’s work, created by live video design company, Luke Halls Studio are mapped across a ‘vaulted’ digital projection surface, conceived for the production by architectural entertainment specialist Stufish.

For the show’s lighting, Halliday and Poet fashioned a richly pigmented and high contrast design, drawing on the style, colour and mood of Michelangelo’s iconic paintings. The overall lighting aesthetic, with its juxtaposition of light and dark, the dramatic use of shadow and the focused projection of light, also helps to mask key conceal/reveal lighting effects throughout the production.

Onstage sidelight is provided by the ADB Warp, ADB’s zoom profile spotlight and the Claypaky Scenius Unico, a moving head spotlight featuring the brand’s most advanced framing system. Dreamlike effects of performers floating through space or emerging from the onstage projections are assisted by the focused light delivered via the Unico’s sophisticated framing system and the Warp’s on-board Ring Control system.

“Because of the size of the venue’s stage, we had to work with limited roof and wing space as well as restricted clearance distances between the onstage scenic elements,” explains Poet. “As a result, fixtures such as the Scenius Unico, Warp and Claypaky K-EYE K10 LED washlights were partly built-in to the stage’s movable scenery, as well as attached to removable trollies and mounted to three overhead rigging ladders.”

The ‘pièce de résistance’ however, is Halliday and Poet’s specially commissioned ‘SVOBODA Sun’ - a 4.5m custom-built circle made from ADB’s classic batten fixture, the ADB SVOBODA.

“The show is largely lit with cool-coloured moving lights and by beautiful projection,” continues Halliday. “For the end of the show, we wanted a light that would reach out and touch the audience, evoking the heat and fire of the sun. The Svoboda Sun connects the audience to the show in a beautiful, yet visceral way.”

The ADB SVOBODA was co-designed over 50 years ago by the famous Czech scenographer Josef Svoboda. The batten fixture comprises nine or ten 24V lamps, delivering a very bright and quasi-parallel light beam, known as a Light Curtain. Claypaky SharBars, an LED version of the same light curtain effect, feature as backlights and toplights, while the Claypaky ShowBatten 100 up-lights the stage’s front grille.

From positions at the front edge of stage, along the vomitoriums and on a cleverly engineered triple flying bar, the new Claypaky Axcor Beam 300 provides aerial beam effects. “This LED source luminaire was selected for its high output, low power beam amid concerns around the auditorium’s power restrictions, rising heat levels and long-term running costs,” says Poet. “We also chose the fixture because of its fade quality, which is much better than that of the previous mechanical-dimmer fixtures.”

A number of the Axcor Beam 300s were rigged alongside Scenius Unico fixtures in the long ‘side slots’ flanking the auditorium’s projection surface.

For house /audience illumination of the hall, the Claypaky Odeon Flood from the brand’s architectural range was used.

“We wanted to create a total experience – artistic, emotional and spiritual. Our story about the genesis of a masterpiece has been enhanced into an unforgettable live experience thanks to modern lighting technology from Claypaky and ADB,” concludes creator and co-director of the show, Marco Balich.

Claypaky and ADB are part of the Osram Group, one of the show’s technical partners.

“Guidizio Universale” debuted on the 15 March 2018 and rapid ticket sales have prompted the show’s producers, Artainment Worldwide Shows, to sign multi-year contracts with local and international tour guides. Michelangelo’s voice is played by Pierfrancesco Favino and the show’s soundtrack is written by John Metcalf featuring a theme song arranged and interpreted by Sting.

Claypaky pushes the boundaries for exclusive Belgium light installation

Belgium – Light Moves was a stunning indoor ‘son et lumière’ (sound and light) installation designed and produced by Koert Vermeulen, an award-winning lighting designer and founder of Belgium-based international lighting design agency ACTLD. Appearing for one night only in the Gothic remains of an abandoned church in the centre of Brussels, Belgium, the installation featured the Claypaky Sharbar as star product, amongst a range of other fixtures from the leading Italian brand.

Originating in France, son et lumière shows focus on historic architecture and places of interest, with light shows set to music. For Light Moves, Vermeulen brought the outside in, drawing from his knowledge of the relationship between light and human emotion to create an intimate, ten-minute show for his guests.

“I know the kinds of sensation you can bring using light,” says Vermeulen, who has designed many son et lumière shows throughout his career. “I used light as an implicit storytelling tool. I wanted to evoke senses and moods that facilitated the audience’s connection to their own emotions. That can be beautifully done with just lighting and sound, there is no need to use explicit storytelling means such as projection or LED video content.”

With no large video element to take the lead and a desire to do justice to the venue’s distinct architecture and intimate surroundings, the quality of light produced by the selected fixtures was high on the agenda. Vermeulen chose to work with Claypaky, whose high-quality products he trusted to deliver. He selected versatile fixtures from the brand in a bid to keep fixture types to a minimum and preserve the integrity of the church’s interior.

“I selected the SharBar to highlight the architecture of the arches that run along both sides of the nave,” says Vermeulen. “I also used the fixtures to light the choir section of the church, placing them in a triangular formation on the floor, receding them into the back of the church. The fixture’s engineering allows you to create a particular multi-beam effect that you cannot replicate with another baton fixture. It is such a novelty in terms of its visual output - straight away when I saw it I thought, ‘wow, I want this!’.”

Vermeulen refers to the SharBar’s unique ability to direct each of its six light beams independently through a series of six motorized, double-mirrored optical units. This ability is perfect for when a designer wishes to create multi-beam effects without bringing in additional fixtures.

Also playing a key role was the Claypaky Stormy, “I wanted the Stormy for a wash fixture, even though it is designed as an LED strobe,” says Vermeulen. “It has a special character to it that is not easy to find in the typical LED washes that you find around. This means it can wash and strobe and this quality allowed me to bring a really interesting element to the show.”

Adding further texture to the space was an IVL lighting system from specialists Minuit Une. Vermeulen used the system in conjunction with the SharBar, Stormy, Claypaky Sharpy Wash and Claypaky Sharpy to expand and contract the space inside the venue. Across the floor of the church and in between the arches were Boogie LED ‘flameless’ candles, fixtures designed and developed ACTLD. 

Vermeulen concludes, “I think it is very natural to want to push the boundaries of your passion and it is how we work at ACTLD.  It is gratifying in a way, it’s what makes us tick, it’s what makes us take on all the extra hours, the stress and the long nights!”

The Claypaky lighting equipment was supplied by AED Belgium, the brand’s official distributor for Belgium.

Marillion gets animated with the Claypaky Scenius Spot

Worldwide –
British progressive rock pioneers Marillion are currently delighting fans with their hit world tour, which marks over three decades of the band’s music. A celebration of musical storytelling, the show is enhanced by a theatrical lightscape created by the band’s long-term lighting designer Yenz Nyholm, who selected the Claypaky Scenius Spot to deliver key animation lighting effects and rich, vibrant colour onstage.

Integral to Nyholm’s design is an intricate back wall of light that surrounds an 8 x 5 metre projection screen. Above the top edge of the screen, Nyholm places a row of Scenius Spots to create a varied web of jewel coloured beams and wide, saturated washes. Supplying the fixtures for the UK leg was British lighting hire specialist Siyan.

“The band as a whole is very theatrical,” says Nyholm. “You don’t just ‘light’ them, but play along with the music and in that, you become part of the band. The music of Marillion ranges from very soft acoustic sounds to full-on grunge and rock. The Scenius Spot is highly adaptable so it can always produce a look that fits with the mood of the music.”

The Scenius Spot is a moving head spotlight positioned at the very top of the Claypaky range of dynamic lighting fixtures. It is crafted to offer designers the very best in colour mixing and white light alongside advanced animation effects. Says Nyholm, “I really fell in love with the Scenius Spot’s animation wheel. It creates some fantastic effects that I use to shine through the band as backlight. The capability of applying half-colours along with the fixture’s gobos and prism features, also means that I can create some wonderful textures on stage.”

Nyholm, whose design features a significant amount of clever beam work, also cites the fixture’s zoom range as playing a key role in delivering movement within his onstage looks. He says, “The zoom is fantastic – you can go from the tightest beam to massive floods in an instant.”

A long-term fan of Claypaky products, Nyholm found the selection of the Scenuis Spot for this design a simple decision. He says, “I have used Claypaky products for the last six years, since the Claypaky Alpha series. I have always felt they were reliable and easy to work with. The optics and zoom range are exceptionally good and the added feature of the Scenius’ animation wheel means that I can get everything I need from the one fixture.”

Marillion is currently completing a tour of the Netherlands before heading to France, Switzerland and Japan. Throughout the tour the band is curating, recording and releasing ten limited edition live albums, with the next double instalment named ‘Happiness is Cologne’ and ‘Popular Music’ to be released on 6 July 2018.

The Claypaky Scenius Unico provides eye-opening effects for Katy Perry's Witness: The Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium

Singapore, Asia Singapore-based show production and equipment hire company The Show Company (ShowCo), supplied 120 Claypaky Scenius Unico fixtures for mega-star Katy Perry’s dynamite performance at the Singapore Indoor Stadium as part of her current worldwide tour Witness: The Tour.

The singer’s Singapore show was hailed as ‘one of the grandest Singapore Indoor Stadium had ever witnessed’ by online music magazine Bandwagon. Designed by production designer Es Devlin and lighting designer Baz Halpin, who also produced the tour, Witness hooks in audiences with its whirlwind of rich video content, large-scale props and wide-eyed lighting effects, delivered in part by the powerful capabilities of the Claypaky Scenius Unico.

“The production is large format and makes a bold statement with its enormous ‘eye-shaped’ LED screen,” says Halpin, “I wanted to make sure that the lighting design complemented not just the screen’s shape, but was also able to compete with the incredible amount of light emitting from it.”

After discussion with Associate LD, Eric Marchwinski, Halpin chose the Claypaky Scenius Profile alongside the newest addition to the Scenius range, the Scenius Unico as the key fixtures in the Witness rig.

“The Scenius Unico has a wide application as a spot, wash and beam with great framing capabilities,” says Joseph Gan, Director of ShowCo, technical partner for the tour in Singapore. ShowCo invested in the Scenius Unico fixtures ahead of the show date to ensure that Halpin’s lighting team did not have to settle for less than ideal alternatives. “Discussion about investing in the Scenius Unico fixtures started some time ago and the Katy Perry show was the deciding factor in making that next step,” he says.

For Halpin, ShowCo’s investment was gratefully received. “It’s important when designing a world tour, where the entire system is not travelled, that you are able to replicate the design with the correct, original fixtures in order to preserve the designer’s original intent,” he says. “Making swaps is never ideal and because of the unique versatility of the Scenius range it was wonderful to be able to replicate this design in Singapore with the original fixture choices.”

Alfonso Zarate from Claypaky was extremely helpful in turning things around so quickly and ensuring the fixtures were delivered to us ready for the Katy Perry show,” says Gan. “This is not something that a lot of manufacturers are able to do and it was a great team effort from Claypaky.”

Halpin’s design calls for large amounts of the single fixture type arranged in 140ft (43m) spans across the ‘upper lid’ of the production’s central eye-shaped video screen. Of selecting the Scenius Unico for the task, he says, “We needed a fixture with enough flexibility to act as a key light, wash light and beam effect light, all at once. The Scenius fixtures are wonderfully versatile and have enough punch to stand up to the LED screen behind.

“I have used Claypaky fixtures for a long time now and I am continuously impressed with the commitment to innovation from the brand. I have used large quantities of Scenius Unicos, Scenius Profiles and Claypaky Mythos2s on all my tours this year.”

Witness: The Tour , the fourth concert tour by Katy Perry, is in support of her fifth studio album Witness (2017). The tour began on September 19, 2017 and is scheduled to end on August 21, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. Following the Singapore Indoor Stadium show on April 8, 2018, the tour is currently completing its European leg.

Claypaky fixtures light Black Panther European film première

UK – The new blockbuster super-hero movie from Marvel, Black Panther held its European première at London’s Hammersmith Apollo earlier this year with a star-studded guest list including celebrity cast members Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o. The event was lit by lighting designer Luke Edwards of Cue Design who specified a range of Claypaky fixtures to help deliver his Marvel-ous concept.

Working alongside James Barnfarther, managing director of Limited Edition Design, Edwards crafted the event’s 15-minute opening light show, as well as lighting the media line and auditorium. Discussing his design, Edwards alludes to the ‘Afrofuturistic’ vibrancy of the film’s main aesthetic, as well as its high drama content as inspiration.

“The design of the film is very different from other Marvel films,” he says. “We had to create a light show that supported and complemented that. The black, yellow and blue colour branding of the film’s marketing helped us in creating dramatic colour palettes. We only had 10-15 minutes to make an impact before the film started, so we wanted the show to be as dramatic as possible to get everyone in the mood.”

Edwards rigged the fixtures onstage at the base of the large projection screen displaying the movie and trailer content, as well as out in the auditorium, the lighting covering both the stage and audience area. He and his team selected the Claypaky Mythos2, Claypaky Sharpy and Claypaky Sharpy Wash 330, supplied by IPS Impact Productions, to deliver the rapid beam looks and wide ‘superhero’ sweeps.

“We used the Sharpys to create high-impact and extreme drama,” says Edwards. “Sharpys easily create that dynamic, high-energy look. To complement these, I wanted a similar top-standard washlight. I have always liked the Sharpy Wash 330 so I spec’ed these alongside the beam fixtures. We then zoomed the Sharpy Wash 330s right out to get a narrow beam which made it look like we suddenly had double the amount of Sharpy fixtures on stage.”

Edwards also rigged 16 Mythos2 above the stage. “We needed a spot fixture to gobo wash the audience, but also to work alongside the Sharpy and Sharpy Wash 330s as beam light for the high impact part of the show,” explains Edwards.

Black Panther is produced Marvel Studios and can now be seen in cinemas across the globe. The film has been nominated for 13 Saturn Awards including Best Director, Best Writing and Best Special Effects, and recently topped $1.2 billion in Box Office revenue.

Ambersphere Solutions
is Claypaky’s official UK distributor.

All Aboard with Claypaky at Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Lisbon, Portugal - The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), hosted at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal, saw the latest range of Claypaky and ADB lighting fixtures dominate the beautifully evocative, multi-dimensional, theatrical and camera pleasing lighting design by award-winning lighting designer and Director of Photography (DOP) Jerry Appelt.

A statement against the often flattening overuse of video in entertainment presentations, Appelt’s design is one of the biggest lighting set-ups in Eurovision history. Appelt employed over 2,000 lighting fixtures – 750 of which were Claypaky Arc and LED moving heads and 100 of which were the ADB asymmetric cyc LED fixture, ADB Klemantis. All lighting was supplied to ESC by Ampco Flashlight and Pixel Light.

Appelt, lighting his fourth ESC, worked in close creative collaboration with set designer Florian Wieder to deliver a stunning, multi-faceted stage canvas that beautifully echoed Portugal’s nautical heritage, while offering a remarkable level of visual versatility. In addition, the design directly addressed the comments from last year’s winner, Salvador Sobral, who said: “Music is not fireworks, music is a feeling, so let’s try to change this and bring music back!”

Appelt’s shrewd positioning and programming of the Claypaky arsenal enhanced, defined and shaped the various layers and areas of the set to deliver a striking succession of evocative and sculptural lighting looks. This, combined with carefully choreographed moving trusses and beat-perfect camera work, ensured each country’s story was told with a refreshing depth and sensitivity.

With a mission to revive the physicality, emotion, meaning and intimacy of ESC with lighting, Appelt demanded a versatile workhorse fixture that would offer maximum choice: “I was looking to create dimension, not just from my fixture positioning but also from the feature set of each fixture itself. I also wanted consistency of output and colour across every part of the stage, so I chose to use a number of the multipurpose fixtures from the Claypaky range – primarily the Claypaky Scenius Unico, the new Claypaky Hepikos and the Claypaky Mythos2.”

Making its ESC debut this year, Appelt used the Hepikos to project dramatic aerial beams and stunning colour effects from the huge arching trusses above the stage, bringing another layer of drama to the wider camera shots. Appelt discusses, “The Hepikos is a super-bright beam-wash fixture that produces piercing, intense beams. It’s a hybrid fixture, which gives me equally effective ‘beam’ and ‘wash’ lights in one fixture. Its primary use was to frame the huge curved trusses above the stage with aerial beams. In addition, I used the interchangeable rotating prism to break the light beam up into several dynamic projections, bringing further dimension to the overall picture.”

ESC head of production Ola Melzig adds, “The Hepikos offers top-notch performance and unswerving colour matching with the other products we are using from the Claypaky range. All the fixtures are camera friendly and their relative compact size and low operating power consumption keeps costs down. This is crucial on a show that can run lighting for up to 18 hours a day, every day, for over a month of rehearsals and broadcasts.”

Also debuting on ESC was the Claypaky Axcor 900 range of LED fixtures: “I’m using these fixtures for the all-important performer key light and as a supplement to the followspots,” continues Appelt. “The Axcor 900 is ideal as a key light, but it is also an additional tool in my creative arsenal as the ability to project and shape the beam means I can use the fixtures for other purposes as well.”

As with ESC 2017 in Kyiv, Appelt’s main workhorse fixture is the Claypaky Scenius Unico: “I look for workhorse fixtures that can perform the role of two, maybe even three different types of fixture, without compromising colour, output, mechanical precision or effects,” stresses Appelt. “The Scenius Unico is one of my favourite solutions because of its reliability and versatility; it can be a spot, a wash or a beam light. It’s also high output and relatively compact in size and weight which makes it ideal when we need to use so many fixtures.”

Over 12,000 people enjoyed three spectacular live broadcasts from Lisbon’s Altice Arena, while over 200 million viewers tuned in on television on Final night with many more millions watching online. The final 26 acts put on a remarkable show for both the live audience and the cameras, but it was Israel’s Netta Barzilai who was the ultimate winner with her catchy pop anthem, Toy.

Claypaky helps create sacred geometry for Rag’n’Bone Man

UK – Lighting designer Will Potts found inspiration in the subtle shapes of nature for his current lighting and show design for award-winning singer Rag’n’Bone Man. Potts’ design incorporates ‘sacred’ geometric shapes and an illustrated backdrop of personal significance to the singer. To carefully light these elements, he chose the Claypaky Scenius Unico.

Having worked with the singer for little over a year, the designer delved deep into the psychology of Rory Graham’s (a.k.a Rag n’ Bone Man) music, drawing on recurring themes within the artist’s debut album ‘Human’ to inspire and craft his detailed show design.
“There’s lots of religious and spiritual references in the language of Rory’s songs,” says Potts. “When I asked him about these, he slowly revealed a fascination with the afterlife, death, spirituality and the soul. I had to find a way of reinforcing this, but doing it subliminally. So, the structure and proportions of the stage and light design are based around an octagon which holds the meaning of regeneration, totality and rebirth.”

In fact, the entire show is carried on a theme of connectedness and this is apparent in the high level of detail in the design. As well the geometric influences in the production, the show features a hand-drawn series of backdrops featuring caricatures of the singer’s friends, family and musical heroes. 

“For the backdrop, I worked with one of Rory’s Rum Committee members, Stewart Chromik,” says Potts. “He hadn’t worked on this scale before, however he did a great job and we got it looking really good. During the second song, we reveal behind the drapes, one at a time, with Kabuki drops. To get this right I needed a lighting fixture whose framing system was spot-on.”
Potts selected the award-winning Scenius Unico for the task and was not disappointed with the outcome. “I spec’ed the fixtures because of their projection versatility,” he says. “I used the indexing gobos, framing system, colour wheels and animation wheel to add texture to the backdrops.”

The backdrops were illustrated under Pott’s guidance, and Chromik ensured that the eyes of every caricature were drawn in such a way as to focus squarely on Rory whilst he performed.  
“It was imperative that the lighting fixture I used for these backdrops kept an even power, brightness and crispness across each of the drapes so that important details, such as the eyes, were not lost,” says Potts. “The Unico’s frosts gave a lovely, softer glow and the framing system is incredibly sharp and flexible, which helped when focusing the lights in the wide range of venues the show is performing in.”

Supporting Potts on tour is lighting director Nikita Jakovlev, who helped operate and program the show. The Scenius Unicos were supplied by global lighting and rigging hire experts, Neg Earth.

Claypaky Scenius Unico is a ‘Star’ performer for Monsters of Rock

Argentina – The Claypaky Scenius Unico made its official debut in Argentina at the renowned Monsters of Rock (MOR) Argentina festival at Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires. The high-impact light show for the outdoor festival, part of the global Monsters of Rock movement, was designed by lighting designer Bryan Hartley and featured the Scenuis Unico as the show’s high impact workhorse fixture.

Headlining MOR Argentina was world-famous heavy metal band Megadeth who were joined by acts including Rata Blanca, Anthrax and others at the day-long festival. Hartley was tasked with designing a versatile rig that could produce a wide range of looks for the international visiting bands. He selected the Scenius Unico for its ability to perform in three powerful modes, Spot, Beam and Wash, allowing him to craft a range of lighting looks for each band in the festival’s line-up.

Hartley rigged 36 Unicos on three lines of overhead truss to provide a dramatic downlight that characterised his classic rock ‘n’ roll design. “The Unico perfectly adapts to indoor, theatrical and, in this case, outdoor environments,” says Hugo Mossi, Business Manager of Buenos Aires Live Show (BALS), the Argentinian production specialist who coordinated and facilitated the lighting and sound elements for MOR Argentina’s eighth edition.

“The Unico has a very powerful selection of modes and a great CTO,” he continues. “The colours it produces are strong and varied. I can say that I have not seen such a strong combination of features in any other fixture in its class on the market.”

Gonzalo Diaz Blasco
, owner of Macaio, Claypaky’s Argentinian distributor who supplied the Scenius Unico units to BALS agrees, “The Scenius Unico was perfect for this show as it is a highly versatile and powerful fixture,” he says. “Its features allowed Bryan the creative freedom to design in Spot, Beam and Wash modes and the possibility of making precise, framed movements thanks to its framing system. The two rotating gobo wheels each include six interchangeable gobos, which with the rotating prism and interchangeable effects wheel, meant Bryan had endless possibilities for his design.”

“We believe that the Scenius Unico will become the standard fixture for entertainment lighting in the world market,” says Mossi. “Riders for Phil Collins, Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran have all come through with Unicos specified, so they were a fantastic addition to this show.”
Blasco concurs, “The Scenius Unicos were the stars of Monsters of Rock. They were up to the challenge of lighting this renowned festival.”

MOR Argentina is due to return in 2018 and is part of the global Monsters of Rock movement that includes the US radio station and cruise enterprise. Originating in Castle Donington in England, MOR festivals are held in multiple countries including the Netherlands, Spain, France and Brazil. The Argentinian chapter has been running since 1994 and has featured bands such as KISS, Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper.