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Allen & Heath T112 with IDR48


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Limited warranty
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iLive T112 with iDR48 MixRack in excellent condition - Contact for inquiries

T112 Package


ILIVE-T112 Digital Mixing Console


ILIVE IDR-48 Mix Rack in Shockmount Case


Road cases

Allen & Heath’s iLive is a state of the art system of components providing a uniquely flexible solution dedicated to live sound mixing and associated applications. It separates the mix engine from the control surface putting the audio and the DSP where it is needed near the stage, and offering a host of control and audio networking possibilities. Refer to the Allen & Heath web site to find out more about the iLive system.


A&H’s iDR-48 MixRack is the heart of the system. It is the mixer brain complete with audio sockets, DSP to process the audio, and control and audio networking ports. The Mix-Rack is typically connected to one of the many iLive Surfaces available but can also be controlled at the same time as or even without a Surface using a laptop or iPad, or preconfigured to run with PL Series remote controllers. Walking the stage with the freedom of wireless control opens up a whole new world of mixing…



ILIVE-T112 Digital Mixing Console

·         28 faders - 3 banks, 4 levels = 112 controls

·         16x audio in

·         12x Audio Out

·         In = 8x TRS line, 4x phono, 2x SPDIF

·         Out = 8x TRS line, 2x phono, 1x SPDIF, monitor TRS

·         TB mic can be patched to talkback or channel

·         ACE ™ Surface connection (audio and control via single CAT5)

·         Built-in 2 port Ethernet switch and RJ45 connector

·         Midi port

·         HPF, Insert, Gate, PEQ, Compressor, Limiter / De-esser, Delay, 1/3 oct GEQ

·         16 DCA or MUTE groups

·         Touch screen

·         100mm motor fader

ILIVE IDR-48 Mix Rack

·         8 HE MixRack

·         48 mic / line preamps and 24 XLR outputs

·         64x32 RackExtra DSP with 8 stereo FX

·         ACE ™ Surface Connection plus Port B Network Option

·         3 port Ethernet switch installed

·         MIDI and PL-Anet ports

·         Built-in headphone amplifier with level control

·         CAT 5 RJ45 connector for connection to T80 or T112 surface

·         Control via network with laptop and iLive Editor software possible

·         External additional iPS10 power supply optional

iLive T112 Package Data


Format: Separate MixRack and Surface with control & audio over a single CAT5 ACETM cable

DSP: iDR-64 RackExtra 64x32 mix engine located in MixRack

Audio Network Port A: Local audio to/from Surface - ACETM up to 120m CAT5 cable

Audio Network Port B: Network option plug-in cards available - see website for details

Control Network: TCP/IP Ethernet (links to Surface via Port A ACETM), built-in switch

PL-Anet: At MixRack for A&H PL Series remote controllers and GPIO

MIDI: In/Out.Can tunnel between Surface and MixRack via network

USB x2: Data transfer, archiving and firmware update, external touchscreen, keyboard

VGA: For connecting an external monitor to the Touchscreen

Mains Power: Internal, 100-240V.AC, 47-63Hz, 160W max per unit




Input Channels: 64x with HPF, Insert, Gate, PEQ, Compressor, Limiter/De-esser, Delay

Output Mixes: 32x with Ext-in, Insert, PEQ, 1/3 oct GEQ, Compressor, Limiter, Delay

Mix Types: Any combination of Groups, Auxes, Internal FX, Mains, Matrix (mono or stereo)

Main Mix Types: Mono, LR, LCR, LCRplus, LRSub, LCRSub, LRM, LCRM, None (monitors)

Mono / Stereo: Channels and Mixes may be configured as mono or stereo

Patchbays: Virtual patching of: Inputs, Inserts, FX, Mix Ext in, Outputs, Port B audio channel I/O

Inserts: Inserts assignable on all inputs and mixes, patch to any sockets

FX Engines: 8x internal stereo 'RackExtra' FX racks, each capable of DSP emulations of industry classics

FX Patching: Inserted or Send/Return loop. Mono or stereo sends, stereo returns

FX Returns: 8x extra 'short' stereo return paths (PEQ) or use IP channels (full processing)

Max Sources to the Mix: 72x (64 IP channels and 8x stereo internal FX returns)

DCAs: 16x can be used as DCA or Mute groups

Other processing: 64x Gates, 96x Compressors, 96x Limiters, 112x PEQ, 32x GEQ




Digital processing: 48kHz sampling, up to 48-bit processing

System Latency: <1.4mS MixRack IN to OUT, <1.6mS Surface IN to OUT

ADC: 24-bit multi-bit delta sigma, 108 dB dynamic range

DAC: 24-bit multi-bit delta sigma, 117 dB dynamic range

Frequency Response: 20-20kHz +0/-0.5dB

THD+Noise (analog in to out): 0.0018% (-94dBu) @ +16dBu output (mic pre unity gain)

Residual Output Noise: -94dBu typical



Audio Inputs

and Outputs

XLR Mic/Line Inputs: Recallable, Balanced, -15 to +65dBu, 1dB resolution, 25dB pad, +48V

Preamp Performance: >4kΩ, +32dBu max input, Noise EIN (150Ω) -127dB

TRS Jack Line Inputs: +/-24dB trim, >6kΩ, +4dBu nominal, +22dBu max

RCA Phono Line Inputs: +/-24dB trim, >10kΩ, 0dBu nominal, +18dBu max

XLR Line Outputs: Balanced, Relay protected, <75Ω, +4dBu nominal, +22dBu max

TRS Jack Line Outputs: Balanced, Relay protected, <75Ω, +4dBu nominal, +22dBu max

RCA Phono Line Outputs: Unbalanced, Relay protected, <75Ω, 0dBu nominal, +18dBu max

RCA Phono Digital: SPDIF (2 channel) 48kHz



Audio Connections

iLive-T112 Surface: Inputs 16x [8xTRS, 4xRCA, 2xSPDIF], Outputs 12x [8xTRS, 2xRCA, 1xSPDIF]

Local Monitor TRS L and R available at the Surface

Headphones MixRack: 1/4" jack. Surface: 1/4" jack and minijack




iLive-T112 Surface: 28x faders, 3 banks (12,8,8), 4 layers = 112 control strips

Strip Assign: Assign any strip as Input, FX, Mix master, DCA, engineer's Wedge/IEM

TouchScreen: 800x600 backlit, colour, touch with on-screen keyboard, data encoder

Processing Strip: Instant access to all processing, Illuminated encoders, meters, PFL access

Soft Keys: 8x user assignable

Faders: 100mm motorised, GEQ fader flip mode

Meters: 3 colour, 12 LED meter on every strip, PAFL, proc block and TouchScreen

Edit Functions: Copy, Paste, Reset of processing and mix parameters

Monitor Functions: PFL/AFL selectable, PAFL tools, Local/Phones outputs, Dual Wedge/IEM

Talkback: TB mic with 48V, assignable to any mix, patching, Latch function

Additional Surface Functions: Freeze in Layers, Alt View, Screen and LED dimmer

Other control: MIDI, A&H PL Series remote controllers

iLive Editor software for laptop: Java based on;ine/offline editor and live control, connect via TCP/IP network




Libraries: Name and store setup, processing, FX and channel parameters

Scenes: 250x Store all or selected parameters, editable tree structure, Recall Safes

Shows: Stores current settings, preferences, all Scenes, Libraries

User Profiles: Administrator and up to 7 Guest users, Permissions, Password protectable

USB: Transfer and archive Shows and Libraries, USB Show Scene filter




Temperature Range

5deg - 45deg Celsius.

Below: preheat prior to operation

Above: cooling during operation required



Weights and


iLive-T112 11" H x 42.6" W x 25" D (279 mm x 1082 mm x 635 mm)


Dimensions - iDR-48 MixRack  8U rack, 14" H x 19" W x 10" D (356 mm x 483 mm x 254 mm)


Weight - iLive-T112: 110 lbs (49.90 kg) / iDR-48 MixRack: 36 lbs (16.33 kg)


Shipping Weight - 146.0 lbs (66.22 kg)




Product Videos

Allen & Heath iLive Introduction 10:03

iLive is a state of the art system of components providing a uniquely flexible solution dedicated to live sound mixing and associated applications. It separates the mix engine from the control surface, putting the audio and the DSP where it is needed - near the stage. Full processing is provided everywhere without compromise, for example a graphic EQ on every mix and ample built in effects featuring emulations of classic industry devices. You can assign the 64 channel x32 bus DSP audio architecture and surface fader layout to work the way you want, use your laptop or touch tablet to configure offline or to control your show live - even without a surface. You can link systems for FOH/ monitor/ broadcast/ recording distribution, store your settings to memory and transfer these via USB key. Firmware and show files are compatible throughout the range making it easy to transfer settings between any iLive combination. iLive saves valuable space and set up time, is very quick to learn and easy to drive whether you prefer familiar analogue style control or a more graphical screen interface... and it sounds great! With a host of remote control and audio networking options, and no fewer than 6 MixRacks and 7 Surface models to choose from according to your application, space and budget, the possibilities

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Limited warranty
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